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About Us

We help you share your message!

The Carolina’s are bursting with great stories that are just waiting to be told. The TV news is selective about the messages they air each day so we decided to change that! We help you create, store and distribute all types of video content over the internet. After a few simple steps, your video can be in front of our audience in no time! 

Why People Use Us

  • To help anyone tell a personal or business story
  • Document & share achievements with a bigger audience
  • Broadcast special messages or occasions
  • Create video memoirs for relatives
  • To host & distribute the content over the internet

Video Content Rules

  • You Must Own The Rights To The Video You Share
  • No Nudity or Sexual Content Permitted
  • No Secret Cameras or Secret Recordings
  • No Violent or Graphic Content
  • Don’t Be Hateful – Be Helpful
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